» » » Portable Male Urinal, Intense White, It includes the Cover, Ref. AbPR50564

Portable Male Urinal, Intense White, It includes the Cover, Ref. AbPR50564

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Male. White Intense


Portable Male Urinal, Intense White

Portable Male Urinal; Intense White: Friendly male urinal. It includes cover. 1 liter capacity.

Equipped with a handle.

Portable Urinals for Men are available in either a range of plastic or disposable urinals. They are designed specifically to fit the male anatomy and to be convenient to the user.

  • The Male Urinal is a toilet aid that allows for the user to go to the toilet in bed or in a sitting position.
  • It is perfect for elderly, disabled or post-op individuals.
  • A snap-on cap and handle help to prevent spillages.

Disposable urinals can be easily thrown away and are hygienic where as portable urinals will hold urine securely until it can be safely disposed of.

This portable adult male urinal has a strong, simple design with a handle and a secure cap; making it ideal for safe, personal and professional use.

Manufactured from Polyethylene this product is durable and easy to clean.


Home / Caring for someone with incontinence / Managing incontinence / At home

Alternatives to a toilet

For people unable to access a toilet, consider an alternative such as a commode.

A commode is a chair with a built-in toilet pan, which can be placed beside the bed.

Commodes come in a variety of designs. Some look like ordinary chairs with a cover seat when not in use. Mobile commodes have four wheels and brakes.

Hand-held urinals are another alternative.

These bottles or urine collection devices are available for men and women. Some have a non-spill design and can be used in bed or on a chair. Disposable urinals are available for travelling. An occupational therapist can help you with this.


Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 6 cm


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