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Toilet Chair, FEATURED, With Cover to Hide the Toilet, Discreet and Comfortable, Ref. L2211

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Toilet Chair : Chair discreet and comfortable room with toilet, with cover to hide.


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Toilet Chair

Toilet Chair with discreet and comfortable room with toilet, with cover to hide the toilet.

Chair with toilet, discretion and comfort.

Chair for use in the room, with built-in bucket. With a good design finish for your home use. It has a cover that hides the toilet.


Incorporating toilet seat designed for users who have difficulty traveling to the sink. Of robust construction is easy to clean


Features, Toilet Chair

Height adjustable.
Made of painted steel, with a good design in their finishes.
For use at home or anywhere else where desired.
Save some harmony in keeping with the house or stay.
It has a toilet lid dismula and offering full discretion.
Back, seat and arms are upholstered.

Measurements, Toilet Chair:

Width between legs: 53 cm.
Adjustable Height: From 46-63 cm.
Seat width: 43 cm.
Seat depth: 45 cm.
Maximum user weight: 125 kg.

Silla con Inodoro

Chair with toilet

Chairs with toilet built are especially suitable for people with incontinence and are a useful resource in cases where the person has no staying power or can not move to the toilet.

Dementia Care Central Using the Toilet

Suggestions for Caregivers
Easy to Reach

Make sure that there is a bathroom nearby for your loved one, especially for nighttime visits.

As your loved one’s coordination, memory, and pace slow down, it is important that he or she has access to a toilet that is on the same floor as close to his or her bedroom as possible.

If it is not possible to be near a bathroom, try placing a commode chair, chamberpot, or bedpan in his or her bedroom.

These items will become essential in the later stages of dementia when he or she is not able to move from the bed as much.



Silla con Inodoro

 La silla sanitaria es un inodoro (retrete) portátil que generalmente tiene ruedas. El asiento de la silla tiene la apariencia de un inodoro. Cuando la persona no puede caminar al baño, la silla puede colocarse a un lado de la cama. La silla puede ser de madera, de plástico, o de metal y tiene un balde (recipiente) debajo del asiento. Este recipiente se puede remover para limpiarlo después de usarlo. El inodoro portátil puede tener ruedas para guardarlo cuando no está en uso. Las ruedas pueden asegurarse para evitar que se mueva cuando la persona lo está usando 

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 80 cm


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