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Wedge Potty – Very resistant | L2382

11.13  (I.V.A. incl.)

✓ Potty wedge for bedridden patients.

✓ Facilitating the deposition of feces and urine Very resistant to alkalis and detergents.



Wedge Potty

Wedge Potty. A very valuble technical aid product.

Their use is well known in bedridden patients, in order to facilitate the deposition of feces and urine.

It should not be applied to the patient/sick person a long time, because, being waterproof, prevents normal perspiration and too prolonged contact may cause skin irritation.

This wedge is potty material is highly resistant to alkalis and detergents.

And only deforms at temperatures well above ambient.

Technical Data for the Wedge Potty:

  • Net Weight: 400 g.
  • Height max .: 9,3 cms.
  • Maximum width .: 26.7 cms.
  • Long. max .: 42.7 cms.
  • Cap. approx .: 2lts.
  • T °: -20 / + 110
  • Density 0.9 g. / Cm3


What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control.

This means you can not always control the urine. Urinary incontinence can range from the loss of a small amount of urine (as coughing or laughing) to have a strong urge to urinate that is difficult to control.

This can be awkward; talk to your doctor. You can receive treatment.

How you can help the bladder training?

The bladder training can help in the following ways:

  • Increasing the time between trips to the bathroom.
  • Increasing the amount of urine your bladder can hold.
  • Improving control over the urge to urinate.There are a number of general measures applicable to the vast majority of elderly patients suffering from incontinence:
  • Ensure an environment that facilitates continence: have easy access to the quarterfinals
    bathroom, well-lit.
  • For patients with mobility problems: toilet chairs beside the bed, potty, health bottles, wedges etc. behavioral therapies: the aim is to encourage behavior change to restore a normal pattern of urination.
  • Drug Therapy.
  • Surgery

For very disabled, people with irreversible incontinence may be useful under a special chair which is placed a urinal.

Urinal Museum of Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca)

Museo del Orinal de Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca)

Museo del Orinal de Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca)

Museo del Orinal de Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca)


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 42 × 26 × 10 cm


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