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Patient Nightgown, Closing at Neck and Waist Bands (LH side.) Ref. UgPG59

14.80  (I.V.A. incl.)

Patient gown 1st quality coverage back, the density of the fabric guarantees its opacity, closures are with ribbons on the neck and waist to prevent accidental opening.


Patient Nightgown

Patient Nightgown 1st quality coverage back. Closure neck and waist belts (LHS.) To prevent accidental opening.

Tissue density guarantees its opacity, that is not allowed to see through.

Patient gown 1st quality back coverage, closing with ribbons on neck and waist.

Patient gown 1st quality back coverage.

Closure neck and waist straps (LH side.) To prevent accidental opening.


Tissue density ensures its OPACITY, ie not allowed to see through.
Fully trimmed.


Material: 100% polyester. 135gr / m (approx.).

Tubular yarn: very soft and wear resistance.

Thread: 65% cotton, 35% polyester

Weight: 314gr. approx.

Dimensions aprox.

Hip:168 cm.
Length: 112 cm. (From the neck to the edge).
Sleeves: 48 cm.
Waist: 33 cm.


Pre-wash gentle in cold water before use to remove excess color.
Do not bleach.
The use of oxygen bleaches is recommended.
Maximum washing temperature: 50º C.


Maximum drying temperature: 65º C.

Recommended product remaining in the 3-5% moisture.

After drying, the use of cold air and then recommended fold and store.


The story of the white coat is curious:

Back in the nineteenth century were only scientists who used them; doctors, which until then were only quacks or charlatans, adopted it to try to give the profession an air of science, empirical thought, cleanliness and confidence.

Since then, the white coat has a deep symbolism and there are few jobs that are associated with an outfit much like ours, except astronaut and Venetian gondolier.

There are many people that when put in front of a healthcare professional with white, green or blue robe (the latter two colors are used in the operating room), suffer from the syndrome called Bata Blanca.

Tension, as if by magic, increases to completely pathological values without actually showing any illness that causes or increases much more than the pathology suffering could portend.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 3 cm



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