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Underpants Lift Aid GANTE, Simple Device That Assists in Applying Underwear Independently, Ref. AdH4690

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Underpants Lift Aid GANT is the most appropriate support for people with difficulties to reach the foot, hip problems, back, obesity, arthritis and pregnant.


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Underpants Lift Aid GANTE

Underpants Lift Aid GANTE: Promotes independence when dressing, enabling those that have difficulty reaching to the floor to gather their underwear up to the knees.




The Underpants Lift Aid GANTE is a handy aid to help putting your panties on. An amazing technical aid product. An excellent dressing aid.


Ideal for persons who cannot reach their feet, persons with hip or back problems, obese persons, persons suffering from
arthrosis and pregnant women.

Ingenious design. Collapsible, easy to store or take with you on the journey.


It is intended for all those who for any reason have difficulty reaching their feet, people with hip or back problems, obesity, pregnant women, osteoarthritis, …


Garments for Dressing the Lower Body:

Includes remove and put shoes, socks / stockings, underwear, skirt / trousers, belt and fasten / unfasten the buttons or zippers relevant.

This activity requires powerful, mobility in upper and lower limbs, dexterity and coordination, balance, trunk and follow the proper sequence to perform the task


Helps Dress and Undress:

Is to carry out the actions and tasks precise coordinates for donning and doffing clothes and footwear the correct order.

Detectors speakers recognize color clothes. Place labels or markings to indicate the front / rear, right / wrong side of the garment.

Classify socks help keep each pair together, to wash and to store


Adaptations for Dressing:

Usually, the largest number of dressing aids are made with long handles so that the person with limited mobility reduce the number of their movements either in dressing, undressing either.


The most popular tools are usually the following support products:

  • Putting socks.
  • Shoehorn for socks, (SlipLift)
  • Shoehorns to enter the foot in the shoe.
  • Wooden rod bent wire hook on the end.
  • Fastener.
  • Elastic shoelaces.
  • Actuator zippers.
  • Combs and brushes long handle.



Tips for Dressing Someone with Parkinson’s

Dressing someone else can be a challenge in itself. When it is coupled with a disability or impairment, it becomes a learned skill.

Most adults who are parents have experience dressing their children, but dressing another adult brings a whole new set of challenges.

This is especially true if the adult has a physical condition that prevents them from assisting, such as Parkinson’s Disease

Underpants Lift Aid

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