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Folding Wooden Shower Seat, An Elegant Look With Functionality, Ref: EA207M

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Folding Wooden Shower Seat

Folding wooden shower seat; Wooden slats, supplied with screws.

Seat made of wood and stainless steel. Its noble materials make this seat a design piece for your shower.

It is firmly attached to the wall with screws.


A modern folding wooden shower seat is a great addition to your shower


Seat width 31.6 cm
Seat bottom 31.6 cm
Maximum user weight 130 Kg.


A great choice for the elderly, disabled or for those who are less mobile, this folding shower seat combines an elegant look with functionality.


The modern design of this Folding Wooden Shower Seat makes it both a pracitical and stylish fixture.

Shower seats are an ideal fixture to any bathroom where assistance is needed or simply for relaxation purpo…

This very handy wooden shower seat is extremely practical and also a lovely addition to your bathroom. The modern design keeps the look sophisticated while the folding design saves precious space.

When not in use you can keep it folded to the wall or store a few shower essentials on the seat using it as a makeshift shelf

Folding Shower Seats:

Folding wall seats. They are very practical if several people use the same shower and do not want to remove and put up for each time a shower seat.

When not used they are folded to the wall and do not occupy much space.

Some models have adjustable feet in height to find the height that suits you and give more stability to the wall.

Horseshoe models facilitate intimate hygiene.


folding wooden shower seat


Home Safety for People With Disabilities

©Amputee Coalition of America Distributed by Amputee Coalition of America

Home safety is important in our daily lives, although it may not be something we often think about. People of all abilities need to prepare for any unplanned events that could occur, even in the safety and comfort of their home or community.

Home safety is even more important for people with disabilities and mobility impairments

Safety in Bathrooms…

People who use wheelchairs or walkers need bathroom doorways that are at least 32 inches wide (wider than most doorways).

Sometimes people replace the whole door unit. (These ideas can be used in other rooms too, not just the bathroom.)

People with limited mobility or balance problems may find it hard to transfer from wheelchair to bathtub. To help, you
might add:

  • Grab bars
  • Transfer seats
  • Nonslip tub mats
  • Bench that extends outside the bathtub
  • Swivel-style shower seat
  • Roll-in shower
  • Sinks that allow wheelchair access sometimes expose plumbing pipes. These pipes need to be boxed in or covered with insulation to prevent burns. Here are more ways to make bathrooms accessible to people with disabilities:
  • Sinks, toilets and shelves that can be raised or lowered (to different heights)
  • Sensor or lever-type faucets (for people who have trouble grasping with their hands)
  • Toilet flush extensions and toilet paper clamps (for people with upper-limb loss)
  • Anti-scald temperature controls (for people with little feeling in their fingers or toes).

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 10 cm


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