Trekking Step by Step Trekking – Senderismo

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Trekking Step by Step – Trekking Senderismo

Trekking Step by Step – Trekking Senderismo – Reach the top. And if we do it easier, that´s a better way.

Hiking canes or trekking poles provide great advantages in the practice of Trekking – Senderismo by helping to improve gait and relieve leg joints.

This sport is especially recommended for people with joint wear, especially the elderly, though anyone can benefit from its health benefits.

Trekking poles are smooth, thin and with a height from floor to armpit Walker sticks.

They can be made of different materials, mainly made of aluminum.

Because of its height, they help keep your back in an upright position by strengthening the muscles related to posture and stability of the vertebral also unloading part of the body weight on the arms, relieve the lower limbs and avoiding knee injuries ankles.

At the same time, exercise your arms and shoulders.

The Walking Pole:

The rosette (small piece of plastic circular standing just above the tip) serves to prevent the stick from sinking into soft surfaces like mud or snow.

The tip is the part of walking pole touches the ground. It consists of a small rubber ferrule (ferrule) which, when removed, exposing the metal tip. the use of the cane with rubber ferrule asphalt or bare rock terrain is recommended.

If practiced on a regular basis, you can help control cholesterol levels and blood pressure, reduce stress and relieve back pain.

Now the use of trekking poles has spread and people around the world enjoy these benefits:



Regarding its use. We must adjust the length of the rods to our height.

Advice is the most widespread form an angle of 90 ° with the stick while the rest of the arm should be parallel to the body.


We must grab the stick correctly . We must move hand over the tape so that it is perfectly adjusted in hand and the bottom of it remains in the wrist.

The stick has to be held by the handle.

Technique to Walk…
There are different patterns of movement:

It is advisable to alternate legs , that is, each suit is going forward as it does the opposite leg, maximizing balance and is the most natural for the movement of the arms, like when we walk.

The technique can also be used parallel legs , in which each rod goes forward while the leg on the same side.

Thus resulting in leg relief and less fatigue.

Trekking Step by Step. Great Advantages with this Activity

Trekking Step by Step. Is especially recommended for people with joint wear, especially the elderly, though anyone can benefit from its health benefits.

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