Incontinence And Alzheimer’s Disease 10 TIPS

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Incontinence And Alzheimer’s Disease 10 TIPS

Incontinence And Alzheimer’s Disease 10 TIPS. People with Alzheimer’s disease frequently have problems with urinary and / or faecal incontinence.

The causes are multiple, often induced by the symptoms of the disease, namely loss of memory and disorientation in time and space: no longer knowing where the toilets are or no longer recognizing them, no longer feeling the need to go to the bathroom, the stress caused by this loss of benchmarks but also the side effects of some drugs.

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1. Faced with an episode of incontinence for the person, de-dramatize the situation.

2. Keep calm and make sure the person does not feel guilty.

3. Respect their bodily intimacy as much as possible in a suitable place.

4. Try to reduce the amount of fluid ingested just before bedtime.

5. Get the person to go to the bathroom at a fixed time.

6. Observe non-verbal signs, agitation, grimaces, silences… These reactions may indicate that the person needs to go to the toilet.

7. Try to identify the words or phrases that mean the person needs to go to the bathroom. There may be no relationship to the need to go to the bathroom.

8. Use simple words and clear formulas to talk about toilet use.

9. Make sure access to the toilet is easy clearing the way.

10. Clearly identify the toilet by color or indication and leave the door open so that the toilet is plainly visible.

Questions about this? Do not hesitate to contact an association or to ask your doctor for help.



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