Daily Living Aids

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Daily Living Aids

Daily Living AidsDaily Living Aids

Daily Living Aids. Routine tasks don’t have to be annoying, painful, time-consuming, or risky.

Daily living aids can help.

Many products make everyday routines like dressing and bathing easier to take for granted, leaving more time and energy for more enjoyable challenges and activities.

Daily living aids promote:

  • Easier dressing
  • More efficient eating
  • Safer bathing and toileting
  • Better reaching and grasping
  • Improved circulation


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More efficient eating…Utensilsdaily living aids

Eating a variety of foods is important to your loved one’s health, but grasping and using standard utensils can be hard.

Utensils with angled or enlarged grips can reduce effort, as can a range of other dining tools.

Special utensils may be useful for those with:

  • Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s and other conditions that cause tremors
  • Tender finger joints
  • The use of only one hand

When meals are messy exercises in frustration, nutrition suffers. Learn about products that can help.

Comfortable, satisfying dining experiences lead to more enthusiastic eating and better nutrition. Several products can make meals safer and more efficient.

Tools for easier dining include:

  • Easier-to-grip knives, forks, and spoons
  • Place settings that make cleanup easier
  • Aprons and other protective garments

Dressingdaily living aids

Whether or not your loved one dresses with a caregiver’s help, dressing aids and a wide variety of no-fuss clothing can speed up the process and reduce frustration.

Dressing Aids

Getting dressed without pain or risk of injury becomes a significant ability when it’s repeated every day. Dressing aids perform some of the tasks an assistant would, such as holding a sock open or pulling a zipper up.

Dressing aids include:

  • Sock, stocking, and pantyhose aids
  • Trouser pulls and pant clips
  • Dressing sticks, reachers, and clasps
  • Zipper pulls and buttonhooks

Medication Managementdaily living aids

Staying on top of a medication regimen can be stressful, especially for people with memory problems.

Guides, reminders, organizers, and tools make it easier for older adults to measure, dispense, and take all their medications in the right amounts at the right times.

Pill Organizers, Boxes & Cases

Daily, weekly, and monthly pill organizers, some of them with sub-compartments for different times of day, are a must for older adults with complex medication needs. Learn about the many options available.

Some pill organizers and boxes offer:

Automatic dispensing
Pouch-based storage
Compact size for travel or hospital visits
Braille labeling
Built-in sound, light, or vibrating alarms


Sticking to a medication schedule can be a challenge.

A variety of electronic and mechanical reminders can increase peace of mind by helping your loved one stay on top of even the most complex regimen.

Medication reminders come in many forms:

  • Voice-alert models
  • Clock/organizer combinations
  • Necklace models
  • Light, sound, or vibrating alarms for those with vision or hearing problems


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