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ALZHEIMER World Alzheimer’s Dayalzheimer

ALZHEIMER World Alzheimer’s Day. Unite against dementia on World Alzheimer’s Day.


What is World Alzheimer’s Day?


Every year World Alzheimer’s Day takes place on 21 September.

And is the focus of World Alzheimer’s Month in September.

It’s an opportunity for organisations and individuals around the world.

  • to raise awareness,
  • highlight issues faced by people affected by dementia
  • and demonstrate how we can overcome them to help people live well with dementia.

Globally, dementia is one of the biggest challenges we face, with nearly 50 million people living with dementia worldwide. To tackle this global dementia challenge we need to work together, and to collaborate and share best practice with one another.


This is why we have committed to work with partners on global research and campaigning, to share our learning, best practice and experience with one another.

To share Dementia Friends as a global movement.

And to forge partnerships as part of the Global Alzheimer’s & Dementia Action Alliance.


Find out more about our international work and how you can be part of the global movement.




Tracey, 51, who was diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia, talks about her dementia journey from diagnosis to the support she has received from Alzheimer’s Society.

Tracey has found much needed support from our Helpline, online community Talking Point and our website info and advice.

This World Alzheimer’s day we want to make sure that everyone affected by dementia knows that we are here for them.

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