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Correcting Shoulder Support, From HARLEY, Reduces Pain in the Back Area, Ref. AbSP24156

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Correcting Shoulder Support HARLEY and Back Harley, reduces pain in the back area, reduces pain in the upper back area. simple to do up.



Correcting Shoulder Support, From HARLEY

Correcting Shoulder Support Ferom HARLEY. Corrective Shoulders. Shoulder And Back, HARLEY

Corrective Soulders, reduces pain in the upper back. It fastens at the front.

This support corrects round shoulders and relieves upper back pain, with front fastening for ease of use.

This posture support sits discreetly underneath your clothing. The Harley Correcting Shoulder Support is suitable for both men and women.

The full Harley Support Range has been used in clinical practice for many years, providing gentle and flexible support whilst stabilising the hips, pelvis and spine, helping you to stay safe and banish pain.


  • Corrects round shoulders
  • Relieves upper back pain
  • Front fastening for easy use
  • One Harley Correcting Shoulder Support

The Harley Correcting Shoulder Support is a front fastening back support that can be used for treatment of rounded shoulders or upper back pain. The support can also be used in rehabilitation of collar bone injuries


the ideal aid to help retrain or correct bad posture and round shoulders, providing firm support whilst allowing adequate flexibility for the user to carry out everyday tasks unhindered.
There are many, seemingly innocuous, reasons why bad posture can develop; sitting at a computer, driving, reading, working in the same position repeatedly, to name but a few.
The Harley Correcting Shoulder Support adds more support and positions the back into a more natural, healthy posture whilst protecting the body from further injury.
Easy to put on, the support has a fastening at the front so is simple to do up.


  • Brand Harley
  • Height Medium: 8cm/10cm
  • Large: 10cm/13cm
  • Width 60cm
  • Depth 40cm


A selection of support belts to help your posture and protect your back.

Perfect if you have to limit the amount of movement your back does after surgery or after accidents.

There are a few different types in this range depending on which support you require.

They range from sacroiliac support to lumbar support.


The chest measurement should be taken just below the pectoral muscles / bust.

AbSP24108 S, Small 76 – 86 cm
AbSP24156 M, Medium 89 – 102 cm
AbSP24157 L, Large 104 – 117 cm
AbSP24158 XL, .X Large 120 – 132 cm



Espaldillera Correctiva

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm


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