comfort grip cutlery
Comfort Grip Cutlery – Control for hands with reduced power | Ug20061

Set of 4 pieces with big, anti-slip grips.comfort grip cutlery. webequ. we believe in quality

The set consists of 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 spoon and 1 teaspoon.

Provides Control for Hands with Reduced Power.


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fork and knife freehand
Fork And Knife FREEHAND, Allows cutting and eating with one hand, UgE143000201

FREEHAND: a concrete help in the daily life!

Freehand Fork and Knife, Created for People Who are Temporarily or Permanently Unable to Use their Upper Limb

A device that combines two cutlery items in a single object. Fork and knife can be used with only one hand.

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