Incontinence Pads Guide

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Incontinence Pads Guide

Incontinence Pads Guide

Incontinence Pads Guide: At Ortohispania we offer a very wide range of bed and chair reusable pads to suit all levels of incontinence.

It is a wide range of technical aid products very varied to ensure value for money and effective protection.

This Incontinence Pads Guide with it´s added links to our products will help you decide on what products best suit your situation.


Bedding and furniture protection for incontinence

Incontinence Pads Guide

The last thing you want is for your furniture and bedding to be inadvertently soiled due to your incontinence.

When you take into account that sofas and mattresses can costs astronomical amounts of money to replace you’ll definitely want to take the necessary steps to prevent them from being damaged.

Thankfully there is a wealth of products available on the market to help.


Waterproof bedding

During the night it can be difficult to attempt to control incontinence and that is why beds can be vulnerable to leaks; not to mention that it’s extremely difficult to mask and eliminate odours from a mattress.

With this in mind, a good course of action is to fit a waterproof sheet underneath your normal bedsheet to provide that extra level of protection and prevent any leakages making their way through to your precious mattress.

One thing to bear in mind regarding waterproof sheets is that they are designed to protect, not absorb.

Typically they should be used in conjunction with absorbent pads because the sheet will protect the mattress and the pads will absorb the liquid.

If you want to protect more than your mattress you can also purchase waterproof pillows and duvet protectors, so they are well worth looking into if you have a severe case of incontinence.


Reusable chair and bed pads


Incontinence Pads Guide

These are ideal to be used in conjunction with waterproof products like the waterproof bedding mentioned above.

A reusable chair and bed pad most typically has an absorbent layer, waterproof backing and a stay dry sheet to ensure that you are kept dry whilst sitting or laying down.

Pads come in a variety of different sizes, so when you go shopping it will pay dividends to be aware of the dimensions of the item of furniture that you would like to protect.

You’ll most likely be extremely reliant on these pads, so we recommend that you purchase more than one for each item of furniture. This means that you’ll be able to continue protecting your furniture whilst the other set of pads are in the wash.

Available in a range of colours and patterns you should be able to find a style that blends in well with your existing décor.


Disposable bed & furniture protection

Incontinence Pads Guide


If you don’t like the idea of having to wash soiled chair and bed pads, the perfect alternative is to consider something more disposable.

Disposable furniture protection tends to be made from the same material as pads and they are intended to be disposed of once soiled.

These pads should be used alongside waterproof protectors to ensure that the furniture is protected and that all liquid is absorbed.


We at Ortohispania are pleased to have a group of excellent suppliers of incontinence products!


Incontinence Pads Guide

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