García 1880; Walking Sticks, Mobility Aids and Home Care

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García 1880

García 1880; Walking Sticks, Mobility Aids and Home Care

García 1880; Walking Sticks, Mobility Aids and Home Care.

Successors of Manual Garcia

García 1880; Successors of Manual Garcia, Walking Sticks, Mobility Aids and Home Care

Just an amazing family business that has existed for 3 generations.

Their specialty is the manufacturing of canes of all types…

  • for just walking,
  • for the disabled
  • or the elderly
  • and in fact fantastic very decorative ones sold all over the world.


And of course we here at ORTOHISPANIA are thrilled to be a very small part of their business…selling their products on-line in Spain and Europe.


Successors of Manuel García, SL . is a family business founded around 1880, under the name of its founder José Martínez Embuena.

He was born as a company dedicated to the manufacture of tool handles to work the field and cudgels for pastors and labourers, as well as cane supports for the elderly.

Its location in Segorbe, ideal area for the care of the main source of raw materials led the growth and development of the company.

In the late nineteenth century, following the marriage of the founder’s daughter, Gloria Martínez Rueda, with Manuel García Martínez, were they who continued with the family business, retaining its craft tradition.


Despite times of great shortage, as was the civil war, they managed to maintain and grow the business.


This was due, among other things, performing continuous Manuel trips throughout the Spanish territory.
In 1945, Manuel García Martínez son, joined the company management.

His work over these postwar years was vital for the further development of the company. He sought new ways of working and began to mechanize the process of manufacture.

His wife, Consuelo Santaolaria Navarro, was also an important figure in this generation.

García 1880

In 1980, when retiring marriage, his children Manuel and Luis García, continued management business since then is called Successors of Manuel García, SL

García 1880


It modernized new production system and moved to new premises.

García 1880


Sales were mainly focused on the domestic market, but already beginning to make their way into Europe.

Over the years, the company has adapted to new market trends, using new materials for the manufacture of its products, including its origins.

After a long career dedicated to the manufacture of walking sticks, and because of the growing need in our elders to have a better quality of life, the company created in 2004 a division called AID MOBILITY M. GARCÍA, which is comprised the fields of technical aids (mobility, bathing and daily use), thus facilitating greater independence.

García 1880


Thanks to the people and companies who have trusted us over the years has been possible to get here.

We hope that with your help we can increase our services and products to give better care.

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