How to Purchase

How to Purchase: This page is designed to make the purchase of articles as simple as possible.

Anyway if you have any doubts we will write the following steps to follow to make a correct purchase:

1.- Choose the quantity of the desired item in the box of the product where a number appears by default.

2.- Click on the button where you put “Add to Cart” and wait for the confirmation window to appear.

3.- When you have everything you want to buy, you will see the order.

4.- There you choose the destination of the products.

5.- If it seems correct, fill out the form below the order.

6.- Finally you give the button to send your order to our plant and then we will contact you.
If you have any questions or want to make an inquiry do not hesitate to send us an email to:

We appreciate the trust deposited in us and communicates to you that to find information on any article of your interest that you have not found in our catalog you can contact us.

Buy directly from our website. We have a secure payment gateway that lets you buy very easily and safely, in just a few steps. Select products, enter your details and make payment. You will receive by email an invoice and, in a few days you will be enjoying your home purchase.

You can contact us… Tfno’s +34 689 778 387, E-mail:   WhatsApp +34 689 778 387


Payments C.O.D.Allowed:

Only on Mainland Spain.The COD payment carries a cost of 3.50 €.

Payment is made in cash at the time of delivery of the order through the company corresponding to the place of shipment transport; Nacex, Seur or Mail.


Secure Payment with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal:

When paying with VISA or MASTERCARD will always request the following information: card number, expiration date and a validation code that matches the last 3 digits of the number printed in italics on the back of your card credit, thus offering more guarantees about security in the transaction.

In practice, when paying with a VISA or MASTERCARD “secure” card, you will be, besides the number and expiration date, given a personal password used exclusively for Internet purchases that identifies you, unequivocally, as the owner.. Thus, no one can make a purchase on the Internet without knowing the password. You can tell if it is enabled protocol Electronic Commerce Insurance by  VISA logos “Verified by Visa” and MasterCard “MasterCard Secure Code”.

If you have not yet received a personal password used exclusively for online payments, we advise you to ask your financial institution to adhere to service their cards Secure Electronic Commerce. For this you can contact your bank or if e-banking client you can order it directly online.

The credit card fraud is a crime, and ORTOHISPANIA, will prosecute anyone who makes a fraudulent transaction in our store online


Bank Transfer:

If selected as payment bank transfer, you will receive with your order confirmation e-mail which will indicate the account number in which to make the bank transfer ORTOHISPANIA name, ASISTER ASISTENCIA FAMILIAR S.L, Bank Caja Rural, Teruel and Account Number: ES15 3080 0041 7824 2873 7627

It is very important to indicate in the subject the order number and your name, and make the transfer before 3 days from the day you placed the order to validate it. Or if you would like to speed up the process send us a copy of the transfer transaction by What´s App +34 689 778 387 or email

Remember, you must make payment in euros and that all change and any bank fees at your expense by opting for this payment system.


For the proper display of the On-Line Store Ortohispania:

For this store can function effectively, you need to have installed additional software. For the specific case of the animations of the page you need to install Macromedia Flash. Moreover, in order to view documents in PDF format, you need to have installed Adobe Acrobat. In short, to give a correct use of the store you need to have installed Adobe Flash and Adobe Acrobat.

Como Comprar Ortohispania

Ortohispania thanks you for the trust placed in us and you may ask us to find any item of interest to you that is not found in our catalogue please contact us.