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About us, Ortohispania: our main function is to help and care for those dependents who can not fend for themselves, forming and / or strengthening a physical and social autonomy. With the aim of staying in your home and family environment with sufficient autonomy thus avoiding situations of loneliness and social disintegration.

And now we introduce the new On-Line Store, Ortohispania, www.ortohispania.com. To increase the autonomy of elderly dependents, it is essential, sometimes, Support Products, Accessibility, etc Products…. In the market there are…walking devices, accessories for daily cleaning, pressure ulcer products, etc, etc…

In the Ortohispania shop you will find all kinds of products  to improve mobility.
Our main goal is to improve the quality of life of people, whatever their situation. We offer a friendly and professional service and very competitive prices.



We are Ortohispania, Orthopaedic Product Sales, Support Products, Assistive Technology Products, and Accessibility.
Founded and based in the province of Teruel, Spain. Responding seriously, friendly and individually for each case according to the needs of our population mainly the elderly and dependents.

Through On-Line Store Ortohispania we sell our products nationwide and troughout Europe now.

Through our online store Ortohispania we offer an extensive catalog of items ranging from bathroom aids, beds home care, transfer cranes, pressur ulcer products, walking aids and mobility, wheelchairs / scooters, … the objective … improve the quality of life of dependent people.


Experience and exclusive dedication are our guarantee here in ORTOHISPANIA:

Through On-Line Store Ortohispania we sell our products nationwide and now in Europe.