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Thermal Muff Handwarmer. Very Warm and Soft and Practicable. UbO-802102

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Both men and women can use handmuffs.

Protect you from external factors.

Very Warm and Soft and Practicable


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thermal muff handwarmer

Thermal Muff Handwarmer

Thermal Muff Handwarmer. Muffs for hand warmers. Protect you from external factors. Thermal. Antibacterial

Both men and women can use handmuffs. Perfect gift for the elderly, wife or daughter.

Gruesa y suave, súper cálidos, protegen su muñeca del frío, son cómodos al tacto.


Warms, protects from external factors. Thermic.


Saniluxe polyurethane (60% polyester, 40% polyurethane)

Fiber Rhovyl (55% chlorofibre 45% polyester)


33 x 17cm


Hand wash or machine, neutral detergent, at 30, suppressing the spin cycle.

Do not iron.

Do not bleach.

Air dry in a horizontal position

  • Warm hands on a cold day.
  • One size fits most

This Thermal Muff Handwarmer is very warm and soft. Will keep your hands warm during those cold outdoor moments.

Muff (handwarmer)

A muff is a fashion accessory for outdoors usually made of a cylinder of fur or fabric with both ends open for keeping the hands warm.

It was introduced to women’s fashion in the 16th century and was popular with both men and women in the 17th and 18th centuries.

By the early 20th century, muffs were used in England only by women.

It is also reported that the fashion largely fell out of style in the 19th century.

It briefly returned in the mid 1940s,[2] and was also developed as a motorcycle accessory for attachment as rider-protection and comfort during the cooler months.

Nowadays you quite often see Muffs with the elderly or disabled in wheelchairs on a cold day. They are more present as a useful product and not as much now for fashion.

thermal muff handwarmer

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