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Auxiliary Bag, Practical Waterproof Bag, A Very Durable Bag, Ref. AdH8630

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A practical, strong and wide bag that is incorporated into the wheelchair or scooter.

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Auxiliary Bag for Wheelchairs and Scooters

Auxiliary Bag.  A strong and wide bag for wheelchairs or scooters. Zipper.  An excelent help aid this auxiliary bag.

Practical waterproof bag. You can hang the cuffs in the back of the wheelchair and also has a long handle to take it.

Zipper and side housings.
It has 2 reflective strips for road safety.


  • Strong, very strong and spacious bag for scooters or wheelchairs. Very practical.
  • It comes in black.
  • It is easily secured to the wheelchair or scooter and in a simple way is disassembled for transport.

Comprehensive and durable, this bag is specially designed and manufactured for wheelchairs and scooters. It fits so tightly and securely to the seat, with or without headrest.

The ideal for shopping in wheelchairs or scooters partner. Suitable for any circumstance. Easy installation.


Ht.…37 cm.

Width…36 cm.

Ideal for dela elderly people, who are in rehabilitation or are users of electric wheelchair or scooter. beautiful and functional to complement the chair or scooter accessories.

There are many accessories increase the usefulness of the chair and minimize the inconveniences that may arise as derivatives meteorological, obstacles or goods transport phenomena, among others.


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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 11 × 35 cm


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