¿Porqué Utilizar Absorbentes Textiles Reutilizables?[:en]Why Use Absorbent Reusable Textiles?

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Why Use Absorbent Reusable Textiles

¿Porqué utilizar absorbentes textiles reutilizables?

¿Porqué Utilizar Absorbentes Textiles Reutilizables?; No sucede cada día que puedas elegir una alternativa de mejor calidad, más económica y respetuosa con el medio ambiente. Los Absorbentes Textiles Reutilizables te ofrecen esta posibilidad y además son fáciles de usar y limpiar.

Confort y Salud

Los Absorbentes Textiles Reutilizables que ofrecemos son productos de gran calidad que ofrecen una gran comodidad y confort puesto que se adaptan perfectamente a la ropa interior y al cuerpo. Además, al estar hechos con tejidos naturales se minimiza el riesgo de irritaciones y heridas en la piel.


Avantatges Ventajas Ahorro

Durante los primeros dos años de vida de un bebé, el gasto en pañales es muy importante; en los primeros seis meses de vida los bebés requieren unos 10 pañales diarios, de los 6 a los 12 meses unos 8 y, de los 12 a los 24 unos 7. Para hacernos una idea, esto supone unos 5800 pañales por bebé a la cabo de dos años; es decir, más de 1000 Euros en gasto. Si en el mismo periodo se utilizaran pañales de ropa, en estos dos años el ahorro económico sería de al menos un 60%.

En el caso de las compresas el ahorro económico es de un 45%.


Medio Ambiente

Los pañales y las compresas desechables, sean de agua o no, son el principal producto no reciclable de nuestro desecho. Un bebé, desde el nacimiento a los 3 años de edad crea aproximadamente 3 toneladas de desecho si usa pañales desechables. Además, al estar hechos con derivados plásticos pueden tardar 500 años en se descomponerse. De manera similar las compresas desechables también tienen un fuerte impacto en el medio ambiente debido a su composición.




Why Use Absorbent Reusable Textiles[:en]

Why Use Absorbent Reusable Textiles

Why Use Absorbent Reusable Textiles?

Why Use Absorbent Reusable Textiles?;

It does not happen every day that you can choose an alternative product of better quality, more economic and respectful with the environment.

Reusable Textile Absorbents offer this possibility and are easy to use and clean.

Comfort and Health

The Reusable Textile Absorbents we offer are high quality products that have great comfort since they adapt perfectly to the underwear and the body.

In addition, being made with natural fabrics minimizes the risk of skin irritations and wounds.


During the first two years of a baby’s life, spending on diapers is very important;

In the first six months of life babies require about 10 diapers a day, from 6 to 12 months about 8 and from 12 to 24 about 7.

To give us an idea, this is about 5800 diapers per baby at the end Two years;

That is, more than 1000 Euros in expenditure. If in the same period clothes diapers were used, in these two years the economic saving would be at least 60%.

In the case of compresses the economic saving is 45%.



Diapers and disposable napkins, whether water or not, are the main non-recyclable product of our waste.

A baby, from birth to age 3, creates approximately 3 tons of waste when using disposable diapers.

In addition, being made with plastic derivatives can take 500 years to decompose.

Similarly disposable pads like bed pads, compresas, pants, also have a strong impact on the environment due to their composition.



Bed sheets

Why Use Absorbent Reusable Textiles



«After meeting a mother with two disabled children and seeing the problems she had in finding clothes specific to her children’s condition and needs.

I became an entrepreneur under the Absorvalia brand, and started designing and creating reusable adapted textile garments.» Mireia Montolio says, Product Manager of Absorvalia.

«After some time working with mothers and schools of disabled children and, seeing the current crisis situation in which they are, we decided to go further and provide our products for free for them to use.

Thus was born «No Child Without Swimming a Pool».

A micromanaging project to be able to equipe the 102 Schools of Special Education of Catalonia of our bathing suit for incontinence;

So that children and young people who can not perform their therapy normally due to incontinence problems.

Can do it, «says Mireia.

From the company we are told:

«We would like to thank everybody for a look at the project.

If you want and can, contribute and make the maximum dissemination»

Reusable Incontinence swimming outfits at Absorvalia…soon on-line with Ortohispania!

Why Use Absorbent Reusable Textiles



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