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Walker INDESmed, Comfortable and Ergonomic, From Professional Use to Your Home, Ref. Idesm005

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walker indesmed

Walker INDESmed, Comfortable and Ergonomic

Walker INDESmed: The ergonomic grip frame keeps your wrists’ natural position assuring you will not suffer from tendinitis or any other pain on your hands and body.

Its minimum width increases the mobility indoors to allow entry into narrow doors or the elevator.




Blue ZEN


Comfortable and Ergonomic Walker.


INDESmed walker helps improving correct walking and natural movements aiming to physical rehabilitate walking functions.

It is also an optimal help for maintenance purposes.

The ergonomic grip frame keeps your wrists’ natural position assuring you will not suffer from tendinitis or any other pain on your hands and body.

walker indesmed


Ergonomic walker. From professional use to your home.


Designed from the beginning for a personal use.

With the exclusive and easy “fold & height” mechanism.


The frame can be height adjusted to suit every user requirements and when necessary the walker is folded for a very compact storage size.

walker indesmed

Folded walker weighing only 5.5 lbs and with a 56 cm (22.05″) width.

The features of INDESmed rollator make it well suited for use in the clinical setting and allows for an easy transition to use at home.


Special tip for walker

walker indesmed

The braking tips avoid unwanted back movements of the walker while the front wheels special features make movements easy in every direction for both indoor and outdoor use.


The removable shopping bag completes the functionality of the walker.

walker indesmed



  • Height adjustable support (at least 75cm- max. 90cm)
  • Durable EPDM rubber back closures with Nylon reinforcement
  • Simple folding in 56 × 73 cm
  • Wheels 220mm in diameter and 30mm in thickness
  • Weight: 2.5Kg
  • Max load: 100Kg
  • In one step, folding and height adjustment are combined, allowing the walker to be stored and transported in a minimum space.


A comfortable and ergonomic walker
From professionals to your home
Stay active!


INDESmed has designed an extremely light and sturdy anodized aluminum walker that will help people who care about you to lead an active, independent, comfortable life.

With a touch of color and elegance, being an optimal support at any age.

The ergonomic grip maintains the natural position of the wrists eliminating tendinitis and avoiding pain and injury in daily use.

The unique shape of the grip, maintaining the natural position of the wrists, helps reduce or eliminate tendonitis and injuries characteristic of the rehabilitation phase or continued use.

Characteristics of the INDESmed walker promote a straight posture as well as the natural movements when walking.

Allowing to use effectively the physical functions of stabilization and at the same time to develop them.


Independence in any situation.


A weight of only 2.5 kg and the adjustment and folding mechanism allow a super compact folding and a comfortable transport.

Favoring the transition from a use in clinical and controlled environment of rehabilitation to a daily use in domestic or urban environment with the maximum independence.


Walkers with wheels gomita for walkerwalker indesmed




The front wheels, of large diameter and width, facilitate maneuverability and spontaneous changes of direction in outdoor environment.

The backward locking stops prevent the walker from inadvertently moving backwards or forwards on slopes.





Spanish company founded by a group of engineers with wide experience in the medical sector and in the aerospace sector.

“The fusion of experience in both sectors allows us to innovate and develop medical products making use of the most advanced materials and technologies.

Our objetive:

  • Improve the quality of life of people, using the most advanced technology.
  • Create better and simpler medical devices.
  • Develop new patents and products that make life easier for people with health problems.
  • At INDESmed we know that new technologies can bring great value to people and we want these improvements to be available to everyone. “


walker indesmed

INDESmed is a EU based company funded by medical engineers looking for disruptive concept designs focused on mobility equipment: tendonitis-free ultralight crutches, canes and walkers or the organic bamboo compression socks are high quality products that INDESmed manufactures and certificates in Madrid, Spain, to improve people’s quality of life.


Technical aids for walking: walking sticks, crutches and walkers

When it comes to helping a patient with mobility problems, solutions of two types are presented.

Some, for the transfer and the mobilization, as the interspersed, the trapeze or the crane.

Others, which we will see ENLACE, for ambulation, such as walking sticks, crutches or walkers.


New Walker INDESmed: 

Designed and manufactured in Spain, the new walker INDESmed is foldable and ultralight, certified up to 140Kg and manufactured in high quality anodized aluminum.

Its design and ergonomics allow a use as a rehabilitation device and also as a walker for older people and among other characteristics is the first of the equipment for mobility in the market that maintains the natural (or neutral) position of the wrists avoiding the problems of tendinitis

And increasing the integration and coordination of the person with the team itself.

The walker is available in two colors: BLUE ZEN and MORADO JUPITER.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 80 x 60 x 25 cm

Jupiter Purple, Zen Blue


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