» » » Bib with Pocket PERMAPRINT, Washable Fabric and Waterproof Barrier, Ref. Ug70836/SG/B-cb

Bib with Pocket PERMAPRINT, Washable Fabric and Waterproof Barrier, Ref. Ug70836/SG/B-cb

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Super tough with absorbent tissue surface and impermeable barrier bib.

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Babero PermaPrint Con Bolsillo

Babero Permaprint con Bolsillo; Super resistente con superficie de tejido absorbente y barrera impermeable.



Cuadros, blanco,azul, rosa

Bib with Pocket



Por “clip” ajustable en 3 posiciones.

en color coordinado con el babero. Color permanente (resistente a la lejía).

170 gr. y medidas 45×90 cm


1ª capa

Absorbente. Mezcla de poliéster/rayon, tejido sin tejer “Perma-Print”. Colores resistentes a la lejía.

2ª capa

Película 100% impermeable. Vinilo de alta resistencia de color blanco. Entretejido con una capa de poliéster 100%. Resistente a las arrugas.

Color coordinado con el diseño de la capa superior. 50% algodón y 50% poliéster.

Poliéster 100% de 1ª calidad


Pre-lavado suave en agua fría antes de usar, para eliminar exceso de color.

No utilizar suavizante.El suavizante reduce la capacidad de absorción.


Temperatura máxima de lavado: 65º C.

Temperatura máxima de secado: 65º C.

Recomendable que quede en el producto un 3-5% de humedad.

Después de secado, se recomienda el uso de aire frío y seguidamente plegar y almacenar.




Bib with Pocket, PERMAPRINT

Bib with Pocket, PERMAPRINT. Washable Fabric and Waterproof Barrier. Super tough with absorbent tissue surface and impermeable barrier bib.

Bib with super durable and absorbent fabric surface impermeable barrier, clip closure in three positions, bleach resistant colours.



Patterned White/Blue/Pink

Bib with Pocket


For “clip” adjustable in 3 positions.

color coordinated with the bib. Permanent color (resistant to bleach).


170 gr. and measures 45 × 90 cm


1st layer (upper):

Absorbent. Polyester / rayon nonwoven “Perma-Print”. Bleach resistant colors.

2nd layer (barrier):

100% waterproof film. High-strength vinyl white. Interwoven with a layer of 100% polyester. Wrinkle-resistant.

Color coordinated with the design of the upper layer. 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

100% polyester 1st quality

Buttons closure:

2 males and 2 females to adjust in 3 different positions. Stainless steel. Detergent resistant etc ..


Pre-wash gentle in cold water before use to remove excess color.

No use suavizante.El softener reduces absorbency.


Maximum washing temperature: 65 ° C


Maximum drying temperature: 65 ° C

Recommended product remaining in the 3-5% moisture.

After drying, the use of cold air and then recommended fold and store.



PRODUCT FROM MIP, Quebec Canada. Distribution in Spain by UGARI GERIÁTRICA

A Global manufacturer and distributor of reusable healthcare textiles and related products.

We are committed to best serving the needs of customers in 30 countries around the world.bib with pocket

MIP is a Canadian company with a very proud history. MIP (previously known as Med-I-Pant) was founded by Jerry Friedman in 1977 as the first manufacturer and supplier of adult reusable briefs designed to meet the needs of incontinent adults .

About a year later, David Schreiner joined as a partner to head up sales. Together, they started to build the company, adding other key employees along the way.

Today, MIP has become a global leader in the reusable healthcare textile industry, providing a broad range of products and services to the healthcare industry in North America, Europe and around the world.

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