shopping trolley
Shopping Trolley Lett800, Versatile and Reliable, VIDEO, For Active and Independent Senior Citizens, Ref. CarLett800

Do the shopping and go for a stroll safe in the knowledge that you can sit down and relax whenever you need to. This is the challenge that the Lett800 has responded to.

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Andador Ultraligero
Walker INDESmed, Comfortable and Ergonomic, From Professional Use to Your Home, Ref. Idesm005

Walker INDESmed, Comfortable and Ergonomic Walker INDESmed: The ergonomic grip frame keeps your wrists’ natural position assuring you will not suffer from tendinitis or any other pain on your hands and body. Its minimum width increases the mobility indoors to … Read More

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Aluminum Folding Walker
Aluminum Folding Walker with Wheels, Atomical Cuffs for a Better and More Comfortable Grip, Ref. L2213

]Aluminum Folding Walker with Wheels, it allows the user by  just dragging his or her walker feel safe and not have to bear the brunt of his/her weight.


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Folding Walker
Folding Walker With Seat and Wheels, Patient Only Dragging the Walker,Ref. L2106

Folding Walker With Seat and Wheels, It allows the patient only dragging the walker feel safe and not have to bear the brunt of it.


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Aluminum Folding Rollator
Aluminum Folding Rollator with 2 Wheels, Stability and Security, Ref. L2110

Aluminum Folding Rollator interior. They are designed to provide stability and security. His two front wheels make push walker. Adjustable in height.


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Rollator NEW STYLE Up to 130 kg., Ideal for Stout and Tall Users, Ref.L2225, VIDEO

NEW STYLE rollator, for its design and quality is one of the most attractive and comfortable models for use.


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Steel Folding Walker
Steel Folding Walker, Adjustble Height, Feel Safe, Require less Effort to Push the Walker, Ref. L2105

Steel Folding Walker, It allows the patient only dragging the walker feel safe and not have to bear the brunt of it, adjustable height.


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Folding Rollator
Folding Rollator with 4 Wheels, Great Maneuverability in the Street and at Home, Ref. L2223

Folding Rollator with 4 wheels It has lock braking system and safety, very comfortable equipped with tray, basket and seat.


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Walkers and Mobility Equipment
Walkers and Mobility Equipment: Walking Aids have come a long way since the humble walking stick.

And even crutches have had something of a makeover in recent years.

At Asister we seek to increase the independence of the elderly and disabled amongst us by offering affordable and effective solutions.

Movement is essential for the health of dependiente persons.

Contribute not only to enjoy life, but are an esencial addition to its conservation. Thanks to these technical aid products we have more freedom of movement.