Pyjamas – Short Sleeves and Legs, Zipper in Back and Legs, No Patient Access to the Nappy, UgATV-2080

As dementia progresses, dressing unfortunately becomes increasingly difficult. Thus with these specially designed pyjamas the task becomes easier.


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Long Pyjamas, Zippered Back
Pyjamas, Long – Sleeves and Legs, Zippered Back, Especially Suitable for Patients with Dementia, Código UgATV-1081

It has sleeves and long to use as pajamas and zipper is placed on the back for placement faciliar legs.


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Pyjama Long Zippered
Pyjama, Long – Sleeves and Legs, Zippered Back and Legs, For Patients with Incontinence and Dementia, Ref. UgATV2081

El Pijama largo con cremallera en la espalda esta especialmente indicado para pacientes con incontinencia o demencia, tiene una cremallera en la espalda para facilitar su colocación y una la cremallera en la parte interior de las piernas.


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care garment
Care Garment from SUPRIMA; Pyjamas/Underwear UNISEX, Short Sleeve, Combines a T-Shirt and Tights in an Incontinence Product, Ref. Ad4697000

Easy access to incontinence products, which facilitates the caregiver’s work. With zipper on the legs, it facilitates changing diapers without undressing.


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Pyjamas anti-diaper are intended to prevent the patient in a state of disorientation or severe neurological conditions access and handle diapers.


Easy to use for caregivers as they permit changing without completely removing the pajamas.

Also suitable for protecting the skin of patients who may cause harm to themselves by preventing scratching.
Made in one piece and provided with zippers on the legs (ankle to ankle), back or both sides together.

All available sizes with the possibility of short sleeves/legs for summer or for winter long arms and legs.

CHOOSE textile products that are comfortable and easy to dress or remove. Also easy to maintain clean and in good condition. At Ortohispania we have just what you require!