wedge potty
Wedge Potty, Comfortable Usage for its Design, Ref. Cor905002

Wedge potty, potty fantastic shaped wedge is used daily by institutions and health centers because of its high strength.Potty wedge for bed.


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waterproof reusable adult pants
Waterproof Reusable Adult PANTS, Durability and Unparalleled Comfort, Avoiding Possible Leaks, Ref. UbO-204200

It is waterproof, anti-dust, breathable, fire retardant, antibacterial, anti-fungal.


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Aluminum Folding Walker
Aluminum Folding Walker with Wheels, Atomical Cuffs for a Better and More Comfortable Grip, Ref. L2213

]Aluminum Folding Walker with Wheels, it allows the user by  just dragging his or her walker feel safe and not have to bear the brunt of his/her weight.


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Reusable Standard Bed Pad
Reusable Standard Bed Pad, 4 Ply, Perfect for Every Night Use, 85 x 90 cm., Ref. Ug516 / QP / BL / F

Reusable Standard Bed Pad with the top 80% cotton and 20% polyester, white color.

4 layers of materials, high absorption capacity.

A wonderful aid if you are caring for a bedridden patient.


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